Fáilte go gréasán WWW Clann Cinnsealach
Welcome to the Website of the Kinsella Family in Luxembourg.

This is a forum for our family and friends to interact and share a presence in "cyberspace" together. If you would like to join us contact our webmaster {click here}.

Each of us has {will eventually have} our own "home page", reflecting our activities and interests, for which we are individually responsible. This includes allocation of access privileges, document and file sharing etc. Click on our names below for further details, or e-mail us at:

Cathal - cathal@kinsellafamily.eu

Cian - cian@kinsellafamily.eu

Conor - conor@kinsellafamily.eu

Martin - martin@kinsellafamily.eu

Niamh - niamh.watters@kinsellafamily.eu

Tá suil agam go glacfaidh tú taitneamh as an toinscadal beag seo. {J'espère que vous aimerez notre petit projet / I hope you will like our little project / Ich hoffe, daß Sie unser kleines Projekt mögen}.

{N.B. This site is currently under construction}

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